The Mini Pony Pack is a simple grouping of the Color Body Brush and the New Carrot. No Certificate and, unfortunately, no bonus. But, I am offering a choice of color on the Brush and that's cool right? PLUS! YOU CAN ADD A MANE & TAIL COMB FOR ONLY $1.25!

Brush Color Choice IS AVAILABLE! - but there's no guarantee I can match the comb, so if you have to have them match, please Contact Me! to see if I have the colors in stock.

IMPORTANT NOTE!! - In order to protect children and babies who may not be the intended recipient but might pick the carrot up, the roots have been removed. So you no longer have to pick your option. All carrots look and come as the carrot pictured in the photo above.

ALSO... the Greens on the top on some of them are not as "attached" as they should be. So I also need to know:

1. Do you want the "greens" reinforced with Green Glue?
2. Do you want the "greens" reinforced with with Clear Glue?

You can also just tell me not to touch it :)

Cost of Mini Pony Pack is $6.00 + $3.00 S&H
in the continental US only.

International Buyers - Average cost for
Mini Pony Pack is $10 US for shipping.

Please do not place an order, use the contact page
to tell me what you want, I will figure your
shipping and invoice you through PayPal.

Add a Mane & Tail Comb?

Please Select Brush Color
Select Mane & Tail Comb Color if Selected
About the Stems... Please

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