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Been looking for me? Need something special? Well, here's the new contact form. I've been trying to get it working for 3 days. You'd think, knowing me, that putting up a simple web form emailer wouldn't be an issue huh? You've obviously never had GoDaddy host your sites before.

Anyways.. Here's the form to contact me. Yes, I am the same eBay seller who pulled all the FurReal Friends carrot, brush and pony pack listings because eBay and PayPal, together, were taking a healthy 30% of my totals INCLUDING SHIPPING! which was actual. So, charging actual shipping means I'm losing money. Thirty percent? Don't think so!

Please use the form below, and send me your info, questions or even what you want to order if the forms aren't working for you. As always, I'll make it right!

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