Get it! I've got several different carrots available in several different price ranges.

Right now though, I'd like to settle the confusion - THERE IS NO SENSOR IN THE CARROT!. If you're spending a fortune on a genuine Hasbro FurReal Friends carrot because you're under the impression the *sensor* is in the carrot, rest assured, you could put a stick in the pony's mouth and activate the chewing sound. Any carrot will work (but mine are awesome!)

Be sure to Contact Me if you have any questions.

ALL of the carrots are fully compatible with the FurReal Friends Butterscotch and Smores ponies. Shipping is always speedy!

Doug & Melissa Carrot
This is it! The long discontinued Doug & Melissa Carrot. These come with the Premier and Deluxere Pony Packs and is the best carrot - bar none - you can get for your FurReal pony anywhere!

Next Best Carrot
The Next Best Carrot is a foam carrot that also fits nicely into the FurReal pony's mouth. It's especially handy if you have a destructo-kid siblings who have waged war against each other and the carrot is an easy mark (or you need to replace the Doug & Melissa carrot that, unfortunately, will not survive a garbage disposal). These are always available and very inexpensive.

Available by itself or in any of the Basic and Mini Pony Packs. These are the cheapest carrots I have. These are coated with a hard *shell* which has been painted orange. Please click carrot image to left to purchase or get additional information.