Need the Brush?

Get the brush and you're good to go! You've already taken care of the carrot, or you were lucky enough to get a pony that still had one, but what about the brush? You need look no longer

Offered in a multitude of great colors are childrens size body brushes. Known as "curry combs", these adjustable plastic brushes work on these FurReal ponies perfectly.

Each Brush is $3.50.

BONUS! Add a Mane & Tail Comb for Only $1.25 more!!

Limit 2 at $2.50 shipping. PayPal won't catch it if you order more, but I will. Over 2 contact me please

Don't be put off by the price shown in the selection windows below. That is your price for that item. If you decide to add a mane and tail comb, the $3.75 shows up and reflects $2.50 for the brush and $1.25 for the Mane and tail comb so - total $3.75. See? :)

Add a Mane & Tail Comb?
Please Select your Body Brush Color
If you have selected a Mane and Tail Comb, please Select your color preference for the comb. I can't guarantee it will be available, but I'll try the best I can.